Start Living Your Life, Instead of Reacting to It

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Regardless of who you are, you react.  You spill coffee on a shirt or blouse; you react.  Somebody races past you on the highway; you react.  You can't find your wallet or purse; you react.  These reactions aren't usually followed by laughter or smiles either.  Most times when you react, it's out of anger, frustration or fear.  

Why are you always reacting?  Because you don't know any other way of being.  Imagine this. You get dressed for work and are about to sit down at the table and have a quick cup of coffee before you head out the door.  On the way to the table, you trip. Your mug flies from your hand and smashes on the floor. Your pants, even your white shirt, are stained with coffee.

You freak out.  Your mind starts churning out scenarios of being late for work.  You start swearing like a drunken sailor after noticing your shirt.  You call yourself all sorts of nasty names.  

In short, you fly off the handle and react.

Imagine that same scenario, but instead of freaking out, you walk calmly to the pantry and get items to clean up the spill.  After that, you walk in to your bedroom and change your clothes. You drop your stained clothes in the washer on your way out and you are off to work.  No swearing, no freaking out and no reacting.  You create every thought and action in regards to that situation.

That second scenario is brought to you by meditation.  Meditation helps you train your mind to see events objectively.  When in a meditating, a thought is simply a thought.  It's not questioned or followed; it's just observed. No reaction.

When you make meditation a daily habit, that skill of looking at things objectively starts making its way into your life.  It happens all the time, not just in your sessions.  Instead of getting angry at the car whizzing past you, you simply drive, unaffected, as you see it race ahead of you.  When you notice an error on a utility bill, you don't call up and start screaming.  You calmly investigate and then call up to clear the issue.

The ability to observe your life is gift; a gift you can give yourself by learning how to meditate. When you have the ability to be calm, and objectively look at situations, you feel empowered. You feel in control of your life.  Ultimately, when you get home after a tough day, you aren't beaten down.  You may be tired, but that fatigue comes from creating your life, and not simply reacting to it.

If you are ready to start meditating, take some action.  Last week on ZEN commuter I started teaching meditation to absolute beginners.  If you want to learn how to meditate, listen in.

I would love to hear from you.

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