The Answers You Seek are All Around You

Each of us at times feels frustrated.  We long to live a life that is satisfying, to simply be happy.  Some people hope and dream and take no steps to making that a reality.  Others, fed up, look to find meaning in the words of others.

As admirable as it is to want to change, there is a source of wisdom for you that is close at hand.  It's incredibly close.  It's you.  Definitely do all that you can to be better.  Listen to the words of others whose wisdom resonates within you.  Know however that all words and guidance outside of you exists in you.

That is an important distinction to make.  When you are drawn to an author, coach or mentor it isn't because you are wanting to have them show you the way to a meaningful life.  It's because their message truly does resonate with who you are.  

When you find a book, a speaker or even a friend who offers an insight, it's because you have changed the vibrational pattern of who you are to gravitate that to you.  It isn't new age thinking or woo woo ideology, it's simply a common practice.

Why do you think the cliche, birds of a feather flock together is still spoken.  Like energies attract each other.

Back to my point though, you have the answers you seek.  You possess the ability to create whatever life you want to have.  How?  By being aware.  It's not always simple in a noisy world, but it is possible.  It takes critical thinking on some level and just an openness to the cues and lessons that around you.

It starts by becoming still, listening to your thoughts.  Take a simple five minutes each day and begin to ask yourself some questions you need answers to.  You might get them right there. Or they may present themselves in a book or person that you find within the next few days.  Don't become frustrated because you didn't get an answer immediately.  It will come.

It may not come in the manner you were expecting though so you need to be aware of your surroundings.  The important thing to remember is that you have the answers you seek.  The best way to access those answers is to tune in to the world around you.


Thom WaltersComment