Technology and Tranquility

In order to connect to our higher selves we need to be free of distractions.  In order to do that we need to recognize the times we can be silent and alone with our thoughts.  Many of us, myself included, fall into “auto pilot” when we step into our cars, whether it is a short trip to the store or a lengthy journey.  We turn the key and immediately turn on the radio, or once driving we pick up our phones to make calls (hopefully with a hands free head set).  These automatic gestures while seemingly innocuous drive us further from a goal of tranquility.

Some may say that is a little dramatic. But I beg to differ.  If we do not consciously take steps to ensure peace of mind then we at merely going through life aimlessly.  Will our lessons still present themselves to us?  Most certainly they will. But with no compass or inner guidance then we will knowingly or unknowingly face these lessons with fear, doubt and worry; denser energies that do not lead to joy.

So the question is why are we so quick to drown out the very silence that leads to joy?  The answers are numerous.  On some level we may fear what the silence could lead to; a revelation that we are not what we believe we are.  Or more to the point we may discover that we are powerful; which to some is frightening.  How so?  How easy is it to blame another for our misfortunes.  If we are not in control or powerful then we do not need to take responsibility for our lives.  If we are not where we feel we should be (we are all where we should be at this time) then surely others are to blame for our misfortune.

We are all powerful. Turn off the cell phone and connect to the part of you that knows this, the you that can impact a change in your life if it is not where you feel it should be.  Guess what? The call that you missed will be heard.  The text that you don’t receive the minute it comes in will still be on the phone.

The need for validation from people who call or text is a human need, ego based.  We are not more important because people call us or text us.  We are important, period.  Know that. Stop reaching for external validation that you matter. You matter.  Know it in your soul.  How do we hear that?  We hear that by tuning out distractions.  We hear that by spending time in silence, connected to out higher selves. So next time you leave the house or car decide whether you need to be reached? Honestly ask yourself “ do I need this phone now?”, “do I need to be listening to the radio now”?  The answer could be yes.  The radio may calm you in an anxious time.  You may be waiting to hear from someone regarding an important job offer or the health of a loved one.  But I implore, ask the question.  Don’t just pick up the phone or turn on the radio out of habit.  The more you run from silence the further you run from peace of mind.  Embrace silence as a way to connect to a path of limitless joy. 



Thom WaltersComment