Creating a Morning Routine That Is Right for You (Part 3 of 3)

You decided that getting up early is a great thing to do.  You read about how to get it done.  So now what?  Really? You have possibly two more hours to your day!  There is no one awake except you.  Do whatever you want to do.  This is the start of a new way of living.  Make yourself a nice breakfast.  Grab a cup of coffee and sit at the table reading a book.  Meditate.  Start a new project. Write in a journal.  If you are new to waking up early it’s always a good idea to spend the time on yourself, doing the things you never seem to have time to do.  As you get used to this getting up early habit definitely make it rewarding for you.

Once you have become fully immersed in the delights of waking up early then you can branch out and tackle other productive tasks, tasks that are rewarding in a different way.  These could include light housework, paying bills, etc.  Whatever you choose to do, enjoy it.  If you are cleaning the house,  plug in your earphones and listen to some music .  You can listen to an audiobook, motivational podcasts or just nice relaxing music as you go about the start of your day.  Whatever you do; relax.  Ease into the day, a day of your own creation.

For me the best thing about waking up early is the ability to plan the day.  I spend one hour, the “Power Hour” I call it, gathering inspiration from books and positive web sites.  By this time my mind is already starting to come alive with ways to enhance my own business, to give back to the world.  I write them down and formulate which ones I am going to act on immediately and plan an attack for the longer range ones.  Once that is done I review my goals for the year and make sure that I take one action step, big or small, to keep action on that goal.  Then, with all that done, I sit in silence and meditate.  I take account of all the things I am grateful for having and being able to do.

Why do I share my routine with you?  To get you excited about your morning routine and possibly give you some ideas about what you can do.  The important thing to realize is that your morning routine is just for you.  If you wake up with a purpose then you will feel energized by the day.  You will feel unstoppable and productive. 

Craft your morning routine.  Make it a perfect blend of productive and relaxing.  Revel in the ability to be at peace.   Whatever you choose to do, take a step back and be proud.  You created a habit that will allow you to choose the life you want, not a default life thrown at you.  Nice Job! That beautiful new day sun casting a kaleidoscope  of colors across the sky is just for you.


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