Quiet Your Mind and Trust in Detachment

Everyone has heard of not being able to see the forest for the trees.  Why do I bring this up?  Because it is a perfect way to look at the law of detachment.  The law goes on to say that when we put an intention and desire to something we then must relinquish our expectation to an outcome.  Why do we do this?  When we attach our belief of what the outcome should be we cut off all other possibilities that could be of equal or greater benefit; just like the tree.  If you are staring at a tree so intently you are missing all the beauty that surrounds you in the forest itself.  

Our desire to control and our ego driven belief that we know what’s best is a human perception, limited in scope.  Fully human decisions, unattached to our higher selves, are rooted in insecurity, a belief in scarcity,  and a futile attempt to empower ourselves.

To empower is to believe that we are empty, when the truth is we are all fully powerful and limitless.  This is manifested when we are attached to our higher selves.  Even in our humanness we are able to be attached to our higher selves. Indeed that is why we are truly here, to incorporate our higher selves with our humanness. 

When we detach from an expectation we are asking the Universe/our higher selves to light the path that will foster the utmost joy and growth.  For those who feel that this is not an active solution I would remind you to think back to times when you “forced” an outcome.  What were the benefits?  Did your outcome meet all your expectations?  Were all the people touched by that action respected and treated with dignity.  Or did someone “lose” so you could have the result you desired.  If that was the case then surely you did not act in a way that was in connection with your higher self. 

The law of detachment opens you up to a host of opportunities in which everyone is respected.  The greatest good is achieved.  The greatest good being abundance, joy and growth.


Thom WaltersComment