Stop Believing You Are Incomplete

Guess what?  You are perfect.

No that doesn't mean everything is going great all the time, and it doesn't mean you won't get bummed out, angry or sad.  It means that everything in your life right now, good and bad, is happening to bring you a state of growth.

The good thing to know is that you possess absolutely everything you need to be the best that you can be and to have a life that is calm and fulfilling.

Here's the thing though; you have to stop believing that you are incomplete.

That's not an easy task either.  Everywhere you go you are bombarded with messages that tell you otherwise.  Think about the multitude of TV and movies that all focus on finding that one special someone, the belief being that once you do, your life will start and you will be happy forever.

Think about the iconic movie line,

"You complete me"

Here's a news flash.  You were born complete.

When you realize that, you stop searching and start living, embracing all that you are, experiencing your completeness.

Advertisers don't make it easy either.  If you don't have their latest product you are left home alone while the rest of the world goes on smiling and laughing.

So how do you avoid buying into all that incomplete mentality?

It starts with awareness.  Our talking about it now helps you understand when you are being manipulated to believing you are not whole.

It will also help you to spend time each day quietly reflecting on what you bring to the world, you and you alone.

If you want to share your life with someone, look for them to complement who you are, not complete you.

No one completes you.  No one needs to; you are whole.  When you realize that, life becomes becomes so much fuller.


Thom WaltersComment