Three Steps to Regaining Your Sense of Calm - SOB

No, not that S.O.B.!

Do you really think I would throw that out there?  Me, the guy that loves the world?


When I say S.O.B. it's an easy way for you to become calm.


We are always on the go, heading somewhere, thinking that the more things we do the more important we are.  Those thoughts won't help you become calm.  But if you stop your mind and literally your body, you are part way to relaxation.


While you are stopped, simply observe the world around you.  Don't feel the need to talk, to add your opinion.  Don't do anything.  Fight that urge to move and do.  Simply observe, one thing, or everything.


Lastly, breathe; in through your nose, holding that breath briefly, and then slowly letting it out through your mouth.  Do this four times and you are sitting pretty, reveling in calm.

Wasn't that easy?  

The next time you are running around crazy, wanting to be calm, just remember SOB!Peace,


Thom WaltersComment