You Are Not Giving Up on the Life You Want

Our lives are truly remarkable.  

There are so many times when you feel happy, calm.   There are so many times when you are amazed at the life you are living, awed by the natural world and by the people you love.

And yet there are also times of darkness, when all around you seems bleak.  Challenges befall at every turn.  You wonder why these events, maybe people, have crossed your path.

I can't say for sure why they have; only you can do that.  However, I would offer a possibility. 

Perhaps, the tough times are there to help you see the other side of the coin.  Would you know a beautiful life if that's all there was?  You wouldn't.

Tough times help us appreciate the good ones.  They give us something to measure against.

An equally important reason for difficulties is to help us understand what we are capable of doing, becoming.

You are strong.

Feel that strength.

It's not a boastful power.  It is a calm, steadfast understanding that you are capable of absolutely anything, and to that point, you are capable of creating an amazing life.

You are living it right now.

Of course it has challenges, sadness and sorrow.  And as much as we hate to realize it, our souls have created those moments to help us see not just the light, but our ability to persevere.

You are not giving up on the life you want.

You know you can't.

At some point today, truly focus on what you want your life to be.  See it in your minds eye and know that you can create that.  Recapture your power, or reawaken it.

Whatever your age, whatever your challenge, it's going to serve you to understand that the life you want is a possibility.

And not just a possibility, but a certainty.  Whether it's in this life or another, you will experience your light, your divinity, your joy.

How about choose to discover it today?


Thom WaltersComment