Say No to Negative Conversations and Make $912.50 a year

"People inspire you, or they drain you.  Choose them wisely."

There are hundreds of products marketed to give you energy.  We wouldn’t need half of them if we chose to avoid or limit our time with negative people.   

Do you notice how you feel when you end a conversation with someone who has rambled on about all the bad things in their life?  Beaten down, right?  Of course you do.  So why do you subject yourself to it?  We all know how to make polite excuses to end a conversation.  Start putting them into practice when you start to feel someone is just using you as a receptacle for their crap.

Harsh or not, you deserve better.  Negative people bring you down.  It is simple as that.  You deserve to be in the company of people who are uplifting.  We will talk later about how to remove the “dead wood” from our lives altogether.  For now, be aware of the energy suckers and kindly and politelyremove yourself from the conversation.  Avoiding them altogether is the next step.

Feel free to use these polite conversation enders when you are held "conversational hostage". 

  • "Hey, I hate to cut you off but I need to be at the dentist in 15 minutes." (point to watch, clock, etc.)
  • Let's catch up later when I can talk.  I gotta run.
  • Hey, I'm thinking you have things that need to get done too.  I do too.  Make it a great day ( all said as you slowly are walking away)


End those negative conversations and your need for a coffee is nonexistent. Do you want to be more practical about this? A coffee is about $2.50.  End those conversations and you get back your energy, peace of mind and $912.50 a year.

Thom Walters

Question of the day: "Are there people in your life right now that drain you?"

Answer in the comments. Let's get some talk going!


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