The Past is Not Where a Blissful Life Lives

“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” - Rumi

The only person who truly knows us, inside and out, is ourselves.  We may share more of who we are to closer friends but no one outside of who we are knows all that we are.  We have access to our minds and hearts, hope and fears like no one else.  To that end no one knows our path better than ourselves.  

Often times we ask the opinions of others to help us blaze a path for ourselves.  It may not even be that grand.  Perhaps we simply want advice on how to approach a situation.  The truest answers reside within us because of our knowledge of who we are.  The advice from others is biased with their history, their fears and their opinions.  

We too fall victim to our past.  Often times we fail to act on our dreams and goals because we feel we can predict the future from our past.  

The past has no influence on the future.  Your thoughts in this moment create your success.  If your thoughts are void of fear and energized with passion you will be successful.  Conversely, if your thoughts are fearful, based on failures of the past, then your outcome will demonstrate that and be realized in that way.

Silence your fears and trust in your abilities.  As well meaning as others may appear they will always add their biases to your dreams.  Many times they will add their fears and "realism".  Find your path by looking inside yourself.  Hold that vision and move it forward to its realization.  Leave fear where it belongs, in the past.

Thom Walters

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