Consistency is the Key To Accomplished Goals

In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.
— Tony Robbins

Think of all the things you do daily.  You brush your teeth, eat, do laundry and so on.  These are all habits.  They became habits because back in the day you possibly had someone instill the value of these actions to you.

They knew that repeated actions would become engrained in your being.  They were perfectly right.  Any action that we give importance to, that we stick to daily without a break, becomes a habit.

The life you want to have is just that, a succession of positive habits that serve your goals.  If you want to know the key to having the exact life you want to have it comes down to this.

Routinely focus, at least daily, on actions that move you to your goals.  Make them habits and you are on to your dream life.

Here is where everyone makes a critical mistake in living the life they want to lead.  This may be the case with you.

Their actions go against their goals. The habits of updating Facebook, playing video games, watching mindless television and catering to others exclusively are what makes up their lives.  These seemingly harmless actions then eat up the entire day.  These days collect and become a life, a routine, boring, plodding life.

Is this you? Do you want this to be you?  Do you want to have everyday be a mix of responding to others with occasional random wastes of times thrown in?

Of course you don’t.  Do you want proof that consistent focus works.  Then try this.  Don’t just read this and say you will try it.  Do it. Actions are the key, not just thoughts.

Determine what you want

Decide on something you have wanted for a while. You should always think big in everything you do.  But for this test I want you to think of something important to you that would make you feel happy.  If someone gave you $60 and told you to buy one thing.  What would it be? It needs to be something you would treat yourself with having.  Don’t say $60 to pay bills, buy food or pay the cable bill.  It has to be a goal.

Write it down

This step is not negotiable.  WRITE IT DOWN IN ONE SENTENCE!

“In thirty days I will have (insert item here)”

The act of writing it down crystallizes the goal in your being.  Writing it down gives it energy and makes sure it is not just a “someday I will have..” in your head.

Get a LARGE container

It can be a five gallon water bottle, a very large vase, something that can hold change and bills.  It has to be big because your mind will seek to fill it up.  If it is small and becomes full then your mind will tell you that you are set, you reached your goal.  Your mind will reach to fulfill what is put in front of it.

Consistent action EVERY DAY for thirty days

EVERY night before going to bed put $2.00 dollars in the jar.  It can be bills or change but it needs to be at least $2.00.  It has to be every day.  The habit needs to be built.  Don’t put in four dollars one day because you missed the day before.  It needs to become a consistent thought, focused daily; $2.00 dollars every day. Get a calendar to successfully mark down each day you have accomplished your goal.  Heck, it could even be a piece of paper next to the jar with a tick mark.  Just make it known.

ONCE THAT MONEY GOES IN IT DOES NOT COME OUT! It doesn’t come out for change for a parking meter. It doesn’t come out for gas money. IT DOES NOT COME OUT!

Here is the big thing. Focus on that goal each day.  When you are in line at Starbucks ask yourself if you will have enough money to put in the jar if you buy a latte? If you won’t then the latte goes away.  Walk out. As you walk out see your goal.  Picture yourself in your mind using or wearing that item.  Be in that moment in your head.

Go get it

After thirty days you will have the money to go get what you have pictured in your mind.  On that day, go to wherever that item is and buy it immediately. 

Do not rationalize and say, “ Well, it would be more responsible to pay bills now that I have this extra money.”  This isn’t about responsibility.  This is to prove a point.  Buying the thing you want is the goal. 

Do you see what we are doing here.  We are demonstrating how to live a life that is full.  The item you will get is analogous to your life.  If you keep constant focus on a goal you will be successful.  The latte is the equivalent of updating Facebook or watching TV.  It is the actions that steal your focus and resources. 

The life you want is no mystery.  You just have to have a goal and reflect each moment with every action, will this lead to my success or keep me from it.  That is the biggest question you can ask of all the things you do in a day.

“Will this bring me to the life I want to have?”

Thom Walters

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