Boost Your Self Confidence

It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.
— W.C. Fields

One of the joys of daily blogging for Aetherbound comes from being surrounded by wisdom.  My day starts quietly meditating and listening to what my heart says my readers need to hear most on that day.  As you would imagine my heart and the Universe are never wrong.  It’s not just true for me but for everyone.

As I lay in bed poring over quotes and passages that give weight to my topic I am amazed by the timelessness of wisdom.  Some of the most profound thoughts are from authors, scientists and businessmen that are decades since deceased.  W.C. Fields was a film star before movies even had sound (No, I did not ever go to one of his movies. LOL.).  Yet even in the early 1900’s he knew that we should not be concerned with what others may call us.  He knew that our own perception of who we are was most important. 

He was so right.  That wisdom is timeless.  It is one of the most profound bits of advice my mother raised me believing ever since I was a child.  In order to be successful we need to drown out all other opinions except our own.  We can listen to those who support us but we should never bow to the criticism’s of others.  I write a lot about how to un-empower the negative self talk we create. We don’t need to add the criticisms from others as well. 

Is it possible to have self confidence even if we weren’t raised by loving caregivers that taught us to believe in ourselves?  Of course the answer is yes.  Here are three main steps to take to developing self confidence.

Skills inventory

Write down five skills in which you are proficient.  This begins to let your subconscious know that you do possess abilities.  Now the hard part comes.  Write down five skills that you are not proficient with. The goal is to determine what skills you lack and then master them.  At that point you are defusing the belief pattern your subconscious is trying to prove. 

Develop skills gradually

Like absolutely everything we talk about success comes from stepping outside your comfort zone.  If you are not comfortable talking in front of people then start talking in front of people.  People lack self confidence because they shy away from the things they are not skilled at, or are uncomfortable with doing. Well, if you become skilled then the argument in your mind stops.

“You are no good. You can’t even talk in front of people without clamming up or stuttering.”

“ I actually no longer have that problem. I taught myself how to speak in front of people.  It is not an issue any longer”

“Really?  Wow, I guess you are okay then.”

Learning a skill can be gradual.  Read books on improving your skills.  Get tips online.  You can even eventually join the Toastmasters.  Do it gradually but take action.


Say “I like myself” everyday out loud: Not knowing the fact that the subconscious mind refuses to accept beliefs before solid proof is provided. Your subconscious will respond to this message saying, “Really, why do you feel worthless then if you like yourself?”

Building self-confidence doesn’t happen overnight.  But it will happen using the steps mentioned above.  Like everything, it requires focus and perseverance.  But that isn’t a problem for you because you are strong, capable and intelligent!


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