One Way to Not Grow Old

I was walking down the street this morning and heard Mother Nature call my name.  She didn't so much say,

"Hey Thom!"

Nope.  It was more like her kids, the trees, swaying in the breeze.  They were saying,

"What do you think of the new clothes? Nice, right?  It was just yesterday that we were naked as jaybirds. Now that you mention it,  those little guys weren't even around.  They were sleeping through the winter too"

Yipper.  Winter has transitioned to Spring.

And the trees were so beautiful, and the breeze so refreshing as it cooled the slight sweat that clung to my clothes from my walk in the sun.

Time marches on.  It never stops.  Does that bother you?

You might not want to let it get to you.  You are getting older.  So am I.  That's a cool thing though, if you see it that way.

It's funny; when we are younger we want to be older and when we are older we want to be younger.

But not everyone thinks that.  Hopefully, not you.  Time is make believe.

Think about it.  Of course there are seasons, but who came up with the idea of time?  Man.  It is constructed.  It's pretty arbitrary too.  Why is a year a revolution of the earth around the sun?  Because somebody though that was a good way to mark the days, another arbitrary term; the amount of time it takes the earth to rotate once on its axis.

It's all made up.  So how about you forget about fictitious segments of life and just live?

Don't worry about another birthday, live this "rotation" to the most.

We get all cranked up about getting older when we feel we have things left to do and time is slipping away.

Well, stop pi**ing away time thinking about the "days" you have left and live the ones you do have.

If you have something you want to do, then do it. 

When you live each day to the fullest, you never worry about birthdays, and you end up having the greatest talks with the trees!

Peace, Thom

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