Why You Shouldn't Aspire to be Anyone Else

You are driving down the highway and you see a beautiful woman driving a brand new Lexus.  She is gorgeous; hair perfect, designer sunglasses and manicured nails cradling the latest iPhone in her hand.

Lustful thoughts aside, you think...

"Wow, she has got it made!"

And of course the same is true for the example of a man too.  He is tooling down the road in a black BMW, classically good-looking, dressed to the nines, perfect teeth. And you think...

"I would give anything to be that guy!"

Would you?

Would you trade lives with either of them?  Perhaps that women has tears welling up in her eyes behind those shades.  Maybe she is listening to a voicemail from the hospital saying that her dad is not doing well, and she needs to get there soon to be able to say goodbye.

That male model may seem like he has it all together, but just maybe, he is battling an addiction and he is about to lose his house.

You don't know.

And in desiring to be someone else, you lose your happiness with who you are too.  When things get tough we always compare ourselves to others, seeing others with the possible facade of success and happiness.

The truth is, everyone has stuff they are dealing with. No one has a perfect life, no matter how it looks on the outside.

When things are tough, don't look to trade lives with anyone.  Feel the pain that you are in and understand it is fleeting, that you will get through it.

More so, realize that this seeming bump in the road is a lesson to bring you closer to your higher self; your higher self, and no one else's.

Love who you are.  Everything you are going through is to help you realize your divinity, your higher self.

Peace, Thom

Thom WaltersComment