571: Muscle Up: 9 Reasons Why You Need More Muscle, Men and Women

This week we are staying with making that glorious machine run optimally.  No, not your car or your boat.  I'm talking about the most glorious machine, the human body.  Your body.  I want to finish this week with a mini series on muscle.  When people resolve to get fit they often go the route of cardio, looking to get leaner. 

Many women tend to shy away from building muscle for fear that it will make them look masculine.  And even though most guys are always looking to be more muscular when it comes to getting in shape they often pick the low hanging fruit and go for lean as well.

Today I am going to help you understand that building muscle is good thing for a body.  In fact, there are 9 great reasons to add some muscle to your frame, regardless of whether you are a girl or a guy.

In this Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How muscle burns calories at rest
  • Why Cardio alone will not make you healthier
  • 9 Ways having more muscle helps your life


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