570: Turmeric: Miracle Cure or Tasty spice?

I always get a little suspect when I hear something come up time and time again from a variety of people.  Especially when I haven't heard of it in some time, if ever before.  Such is the case with Turmeric.  It seems that it is the latest miracle cure that cures everything from cancer to ringworm.

As you might expect, anything with that much hype warrants investigation.  That is why i did the leg work for you my friends. Don't get me wrong, it does have some amazing medicinal advantages.  However, I wouldn't advise anyone to stop traditional medicine yet until further tests have been performed.

The internet is like any religious text, it can refute or support any position.  Such is the case with the articles I found regarding Turmeric.  Tune in to Today's episode to get the lowdown.

In this Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What Turmeric is
  • The medicinal component to Turmeric
  • What claims purport it does
  • What it actually does
  • How it is best used today


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