945: Furthering Your Meditation Practice with Brendan Barca


A year ago, ZEN commuter listeners met Brendan Barca, the founder and blogger of Straddletheline.co.  At that time he was relatively new to meditation, just beginning to cement his practice.  Now, a year later, his practice has evolved and grown to encompass some firm habits that allow him to further his spirituality, as well as lessen anxiety when it arises.  Come listen to my update with Brendan Barca.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How meditation helped Brendan make an important career choice
  • When meditation works best for him and why
  • Why motivation is irrelevant for meditating (or anything for that matter)

Links from This Episode:

Straddletheline.co - Get cutting edge career advice for millennials 


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