751: The Benefits on Your Health of Mindful Eating

When was the last time you ate food?  No, i'm not talking about the last time you ate.  I'm talking about the last time you JUST ate food?  Our culture praises multitasking and many times we eat food and don't even recognize that we ate anything, or that we ate too much.  Such is the case when we eat mindlessly.  You eat some chips and watch tv, you eat your lunch at your desk surfing the web or responding to emails. Many people eat and do something else at the same time.  This makes it easier to gain weight and overeat.  Today I talk about how to eat mindfully and how it can help you stay healthy and lean.

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • The definition of mindful eating
  • What mindful eating is not
  • How to eat mindfully
  • Ways to eat mindfully during a hectic day

Links from this episode:

6 Ways to Practice Mindful eating

What is Mindful Eating?


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