752: The Hidden factor Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals: Stress

I hope you are ready for some science.  Today I talk about the ways that stress wreaks havoc with your ability to lose weight, regardless of whether you are eating right, exercising and building muscle.

You can be doing all those things right, but if you are anxious and stressing you are creating a situation that will lead to not simply weight gain, but a host of other health challenges.  Fear not though.  I will be also talking about ways to lessen the stressin'

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • What in insulin is
  • What insulin resistance is
  • The role cortisol plays in weight gain
  • Further understanding of the flight or fight response
  • How to become calmer

Links from this episode:

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How Insulin and Cortisol Impact your Body Composition

How Fat Cells Work


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