753: How to Listen to Your Body

There are some things people seem to take for granted; one thing is their health and their body.  When you are not mindful you take little notice of anything in your environment.  You simply react to things as they come along.

Often the same thing happens with your body.  You eat mindlessly, work way too many hours and try and shortchange sleep.  Then when your body becomes sick you wonder how this illness "came out of nowhere".  You attribute it to a thoughtless coworker who didn't have enough sense to stay home when they were sick.  

However, your body has been sending you signals that you are getting sick weeks ago; you simply chose to ignore them.  Yet it wasn't a conscious decision; you just mindlessly went about the days. Today I talk about how you could have avoided getting sick by listening to your body.

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • 4 Ways that Listening to your body will serve you
  • How listening to your body will aid you in sifting through challenging emotions

Links from this episode:

How to Start Listening to Your Body


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