344: Dan Millman - Finding Peace in a Hectic World

There aren't many people who typify balance.  There are those who are caricatures of their gender, of humanity.  They rush, they fawn, they shrink, they yell.  They do these things singly, not knowing that the world is a continuum, with times for strength and times for wisdom.  Truth be told, every minute should embrace both those aspects of Life

Dan Millman knows that perfectly.  That is the premise of his first book, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior that came out in 1980 and yet it's wisdom is as timeless as ever.  Since then Dan has gone on to teach, speak and write about the wisdom he has acquired on his journey through life.

I am beyond pleased to welcome him to ZEN commuter as he was one person who I can point to that helped me understand the mysteries and the truths of this world.

Interview Links

The Peaceful Warrior - Connect with Dan and see his latest works and speaking engagements.

The Laws of Spirit  

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior 

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