343: Michelle Gielen: How Reporting Economic Crisis and Gang Violence Helped Her Start to Change Journalism

Michelle Gielen knows the news business.  As a television journalist she has reported on a variety of events.  As one might expect the majority of those events were tragic and depressing.  In the midst of the United States most challenging economic time she devoted a week to helping people see the positivity in life.  

That week catapulted the ratings and started Michelle on a path that has and will help thousands of people understand the power of positivity.  In her latest book, Broadcasting Happiness: the Science of Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change she details how each of us can benefit from communicating positively.

Her book also addresses the subject of broadcast journalism.  The final chapters discuss the impact of "Transformative Journalism", and how it can help heal a damaged news system and our sense of wellbeing.

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