274 8 Ways to Buy that Benefit Yourself and the World

"The new slavery is consumerism" - Bryant McGill

One of the challenges that faces anyone looking to live a life of purpose is working through the misperception that things are the answer to happiness.  Cultivating a sense of peace is of course internal. It comes from understanding your worth from the inside.  When it comes to consumption however thinking solely of yourself without regard for your fellow man, woman and planet can and will lead to dire consequences.

The planet we inhabit grows weaker as the population creates without concern for replenishing and purchases without concern of consequences.  This week I will be talking about how to use your buying power to enhance your life and the lives of those around you.  

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How consumerism sometimes clashes with ecological responsibility
  • How buying food on the run abuses your body and bank account
  • How to give all yea round

"Buying is taking a handful of money or your credit card to the mall and wastefully saying you want to buy something"

  • The Difference between shopping and buying
  • Why shopping never eases depression
  • How to experience daily peace and awareness with Real-Life Calm
  • The way ego depletes your financial resources
  • How to purchase products with the planet in mind


Question of the Day

What is the last thing you ate and do you know every ingredient that went in to making it?

Action of the Day

Find the product you use most and google how ecologically conscious they are.


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