275 Embracing Minimalism for a Calmer Life

"Minimalism is the intentional promotion of things we most value and the removal of any thing that distracts from that" - Joshua Becker

A minimalist lifestyle should not be confused with a bohemian way of living.  You aren't cutting things out whimsically.  You are eliminating the things in your life that are not serving a purpose.  Just like eliminating people who don't add to your life, you are jettisoning things that hold you down, sap your energy.

Today I talk about the ways living a minimalist lifestyle makes you calmer.  It starts by not purchasing things that are valueless and then ends with a room by room evaluation of need and want.

Listen to how to live calmer with a minimalist lifestyle.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The energy of thought
  • How purchases attach themselves to you
  • How to separate need from want

"Minimalism is not doing without.  It's having only the things you truly need"

  • How ego energy is always present in conspicuous consumption
  • Why you buy
  • How to experience daily peace and awareness with Real-Life Calm
  • The motivations you have for buying


Question of the Day

Do you have too much stuff?

Action of the Day

Donate a piece of furniture that you have not used for a year.


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