Silencing the Negative Voice Within

There is a huge perception that exists within the minds of billions of people.  There is an overwhelming belief that people are different.  You are amazing unique.  Your vision of the world is one that is not held by any of the 8 billion people that inhabit this earth.  Yet, in one very crucial way you are not different.  On some level you believe that you are not worthy.

It may be a deafening pronouncement that you hear in your head all day, nonstop.  You may hear a solitary voice express your failure at whatever you are going to attempt, sometimes while you are doing it and sometimes days, years or months before.  Many times during the day you are told you will fail; you wish there was just some way you could get that voice to stop.

You may have become better at silencing that voice than others.  Perhaps you have developed coping strategies for keeping that negative loop silenced.  Many people have.  They fill their days with so many tasks and distractions that the voice barely has a time to speak, that is of course until bedtime comes.  

The ones who have struggled so long with silencing that voice overcome their insomnia with exhaustion.  They not only jam their days with activities to keep the voice away but to also physically exhaust themselves at the end of the day so not even thoughts will keep them up.  Insomnia is not an option because fatigue is so great.

If you are fortunate and have found a source of calm then hopefully throughout the day you may hear those words of inadequacy in passing, gently swept away with the understanding that you are beautiful, perfect. 

Those who embrace that gift are not blessed with some innate gene that allows them to suppress the thoughts of worthlessness.  They have found a way to replace that purely fictitious critique with truth.  The truth is you are amazing, beautiful.  

The voice of worthlessness is powerful.  It proclaims that others are worthy of Love, success and happiness but never you.  That voice is not real.  The best way to begin to see it's facade is to sit with it and begin to test its accuracy.  Those who have found peace spend time each day sitting quietly, simply noticing thoughts yet not empowering them.  Others spend that quiet time reflecting on the things they are grateful for.  Others simply focus their minds on the sounds that surround them, faint or overt.  They all find time to be still.  

To many this seems like the worst advice ever; that you are opening yourself up to the onslaught of criticism and worry.  Admittedly that will happen initially.  However, much like anything, once you face your discomfort you begin to see things for what they are, simply thoughts, not realities. The criticisms will fade.  They will be replaced by an awakening, an understanding that peace is not reserved for the fortunate.  

As you make time for this silence each day, this reflective time, you will begin to see its reach extend beyond the silent time and make its way into all of your life.  You will begin to notice that voice diminish on its own, replaced with thoughts of calm and kindness for self.

You will begin to silence that voice once and for all.  All it takes is the courage and commitment to be with your thoughts a little each day.





Thom WaltersComment