Think Big a Little at a Time - The 2 Minute Plan for Creating Action

How many of you read inspirational quotes, books and articles?  Isn’t it great to feel inspired?  What’s even better is to be inspired to move, spurred to action.  Inspiration is nothing though if it doesn’t move you to take action.

I think it is safe to say we all know the brief life span of inspiration

  • ·      You read an uplifting quote or article
  • ·      You finish it and it resonates with you
  • ·      You think about the author and what their life is like
  • ·      You then feel inspired to live a similar life but on your own terms
  • ·      You start thinking about what that would mean, you daydream that life.
  • ·      You see it in your head.
  • ·      You start to think about how you can get it done

Then it happens

 You are jerked back to your current reality and literally look around you.  The dream shuts down as you begin to think about all the work you need to do, the errands that have to get done.  The thoughts you had, the inspiration for a different life, seems unreachable.  You begin to rationalize that the author of the quote or blog must not have kids, isn’t living paycheck to paycheck and must have been born with incredible luck, abilities and intelligence.  Surely, someone must have already thought about the idea you had and made it happen.

In as little as 5 minutes, that dream is squashed, steamrolled by fear and self-doubt.

There is a way to stop that nasty cycle before it starts and it takes just two minutes.  It is not going to be popular with your current boss but to be honest it doesn’t have to be.  This is about you finding the life you are meant to live.  Besides, if you are daydreaming about a better life then you are not doing your best work where you are.  Heck, you owe it to your current employer to get to what means something to you so they can get someone in who loves the work you hate.

Little Steps of Action

 The moment you get that dream, that flash of inspiration you only have two minutes to take action or your mind will shut it down for good.

 So many people get overwhelmed real easy.  It’s not that hard when fear starts talking.  Here’s the thing though; action pushes fear to the side and builds momentum.  One small successful step leads to another slightly larger step and till your ideas and your life have so much speed and energy they are literally unstoppable.

The moment you get that dream, that flash of inspiration you only have two minutes to take action or your mind will shut it down for good.

It is a huge dream of many people to write a book, to share their thoughts with the world.  They think about writing hundred of pages and getting a publisher and before they even get to typing they are already beaten down. 

Here is the two minute plan.  Do absolutely anything to work on that goal and then stop after a couple of minutes.  In regards to that book, brainstorm for two minutes about a title. That’s it.  Put that away and go back to whatever life you are living.

That action planted a seed in your mind.  You won’t be able to forget about that idea.  In fact you will be excited for the next day when you spend the next two minutes on it.  It may take a day or a week but once you have that title you are energized.  You worked through fear and self doubt in two minutes and are on your way to a conquered goal, a different life blooming.

That is how it happens you know.  Those authors and bloggers you connected with were not born with special gifts.  They simply learned, as you did now, that small steps lead to success.  Small, CONSISTENT actions make the hugest mountain seem like a mole hill.

There is an absolutely foolproof way to test this theory, try it out the next time you are inspired.

Remember though, those two minutes after you have that idea need to be followed by an action or the game is over.

You have two minutes to create a new life, don’t you?


Thom WaltersComment