Three Powerful Ways to Demonstrate Love

Hey my friends,

I am going to put on my tie-dye shirt, grow out my hair and flash you the coolest peace sign and say...

When you give Love, you get Love.

Does that resonate with you?  There are so many choices in a day to choose Love, to be kind and to smile. The biggest thing to realize is, you're not being Pollyanna, you are actually being selfish, but in a wonderful way.

When you act out of Love the world responds in kind.  What does that do?  Well, it lowers your level of stress of course, but it also has you feeling more connected to the world.

Earlier in this email I kidded about being a hippie; but there is nothing 1960's related about demonstrating Love whenever you can.  

Here's how:

Smile - It opens so many doors and makes the world feel good. 

Show concern for others - Not just people you know, but everyone.  Think about charities that you can donate time, money or energy towards.  Or simply get your nose out of your phone and look around at the world and see where you can help.  In fact, that is a great way to start the day, with the intention of helping the world with all you can do.

Use words that uplift - Speak to EVERYONE with kindness.  Look to connect with people using your words.  I capped "everyone" because there will be times in the day when people ruffle your feathers, If you choose to let them.  Instead, either choose not to engage or simply walk away.  Best of all, return their anger with Love. 

After all, didn't Martin Luther King Junior say...

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

I know he did; I just looked it up for us! :o)

I will keep it short for now, but if you practice just one of these suggestions you will find your day gets so much better.  

I guarantee it.

Peace, Thom

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