I Know How the World Should Be

You are never going to hear me say that.  

That statement is the very pinnacle of ego.  I don't know one thing about the world.  I know how I want to exist within it, but I don't have the answers for anyone but myself.

Yet we all carry around judgments and beliefs that work for us and consciously or subconsciously project them out.  

  • No one should text and drive
  • a 401K is a prudent financial strategy
  • Onions are gross
  • Everyone should recycle
  • Big Brother is the best show
  • Cars should drive at a safe speed
  • My religion is the only true religion

I think you get the point.  Everyone has opinions about how the world works best.

It may serve you to understand that how you exist in the world is not how everyone should.  There are three reasons I can think of right off the top of my head.

You don't know anyone's path

Perhaps someone's driving fast and texting leads them to get in an accident that drastically wakes them up. like Steve Taylor talked about on ZEN Commuter.  Maybe they injure or kill themselves and that action sparks an awareness for someone else, maybe a loved one or even a stranger. You will never know.

Expecting the world to adhere to your beliefs is exhausting.

The world will be as it will be.  No amount of cajoling, yelling or forcing will get it to change until it's ready. Change what you can and allow others, and things, to be as they are.  You will be much calmer.

You don't know anything

And neither do I.  Your ego says you have to have all the answers. Damn if that freakin ego isn't the source of so much anxiety.  It's not bad to admit you don't have all the answers.  To be honest, I find enjoyment in experiencing new ways of thinking and being.  If I professed to knowing all the answers and acted accordingly, I would miss out on so much.

This weekend, try and be a little less opinionated.  Let the world be as it will be.  In the event you don't feel you are opinionated, guess what, you might be opinionated right there.  See where you place judgments on how the world should be and then take steps to just let things be as they will.

It's not lazy, it's empowering.

Peace, Thom

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