Find the Messages In the Day

I teach meditation and help people become calmer, but do you want to know something? I learn the most when I realize that I am not only the teacher but the student.

One of the greatest gifts of mindfulness is the ability to be so in tuned to the moment that messages come to you most effortlessly.

Let me give you a great example.  Yesterday was a very busy day.  I had podcasts to get out, interviews to be conducted and a speech for toastmasters that I hadn't even started.

I woke up very "Un-Thom", my head filled with a list of things to do, feeling a little restless.  I wasn't in a funk; I was just deep in the future of the day.

I went about my day, getting things done.  At 10:00 am I started to write my talk about the biology of meditation.  Before i did, I figured I better get a little centered.  So I meditated.

As you might expect it pulled my mind and spirit from the future and brought it back into this moment, and that is where I resided for the better part of the day.  Here's where the messages come in.

I had delivered my speech and one of my fellow speakers come up to me to talk about her experiences with meditation.  As she spoke, I felt as if the entire room was silent (it wasn't even close), like time had stopped.  She looked at me and said

"I know when I need to relax, to be better.  Even when things are cruddy all around me, I can make the decision to simply breathe"

Of course what she said is something I express all the time.  Yet in that moment, after how I woke up, it seemed that it was a message for me as well. 

In that moment, her message felt placed in my path.  I embraced it fully.

The goal should be to experience mindfulness as often as we can,  however, as I let you know, the mind shifts you out of the moment.  But you can always get it back.  You can always regain that peace

And when you do, it is amazing how the messages and the joy seem to effortlessly flow to you.

That mindfulness is an easy skill to cultivate, not as difficult as you may think.  You let me know when you are ready to experience it and I will be happy to show you how.

Make it an absolutely beautiful day!



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