ZC 372: Do You Truly Use Your Eyes

Each day I have a quandary. How do I appeal to the greatest number of people who wan t to change their lives. It is absolutely egoless. My desire isn’t to be viral for viral sake. My goal is to empower people to see the impact they can possess when they step in to who they really are. When they stop merely existing and thrive.

The quandary is finding a method of empowering people that want to be empowered. I never want to address an audience that doesn’t care about growing. The tough part is determining who wants to change and who doesn’t.

I bring this up today because of my topic, sight. I am not talking merely sight, but truly seeing. It is the hope that we all are aware of the blessings we have been given. One such gift is sight.

Today I was on my bed getting ready for the week. I was researching new guests to interview on the show and getting my blog posts ready for the week. I looked up from my bed and out my bedroom window.

From my vantage point I could see a multitude of clouds majestically holding court in the blue sky. I have seen plenty of clouds in my day, and to the point of this post/podcast, each time I see something new. The clouds today were strong, yet dreamlike, full and crisp.

They beckoned me from my bed and I got up and went to the window. At first I drank in the grandeur of the sky, the stark, yet beautiful contrast of white against blue. My eyes soon drifted to other beauties. I say trees starting to resign themselves to the oncoming fall, as spotty oranges and golds began to poke through the plentiful green foliage.

As I took in all the sights of this beauty I wondered if people around me were seeing this absolute radiance. I then was able to tune in to the many people who were so focused on task and time that the sights around them were all but invisible. I wondered if the scales favored those who saw they beauty that surrounded them, wherever they were, or were more people unaware that they were steeped in magnificence.

So the question goes to you. Do you see the world around you, all of it? Are you truly thankful for the gift of sight? Do you know what those without this gift would give to be able to see what you see.

Gratitude will always move you to appreciate your life. While many know this to be true there are some who are at a loss for what to be grateful for. For those of you able to visually perceive light and dark, color, form and texture you have a simple and profound reason to be grateful.   You are able to be aware of beauty. I’m not talking about the cliché manufactured beauty of advertising. I am talking about true beauty; beauty that exists all around you when you broaden your focus from your device, your route or your responsibilities. Each of those things has merit, but when they become your sole focus you not only lose who you are, you lose a portion of your divinity.

Your ability to see beauty with your eyes is not inconsequential. Of course I realize that not all beauty is perceived with the eyes. True beauty finds it’s way in a myriad of paths. However, if you metaphorically blind yourself to the sights around you are you truly able to state that you have sight.

If you wish to be truly selfish your sight will serve you as well. It can assist you in your human quest as well as your goal to experience the higher version of you.

In a strict human sense, look at the peaceful parts of your world and breathe easier. Expand your scope so that as you walk from the parking lot to your desk you don’t solely see a tar path and eventually a door. Hopefully you are not so absorbed my thoughts that you miss even those things. The greatest hope is that you lift your head up to the skies and see the majesty. Look to your left and right and see what takes your attention. Depending on your surroundings it may be a natural, an animal scampering by. If you are in a more suburban setting, perhaps it is the kind eyes of your fellow man or woman. It is okay to look at people in community you know.

To connect to your higher self use your eyes to connect to your world, your whole world. Give thanks to whomever or whatever you feel necessary that granted you with such an extraordinary blessing.

In closing I would encourage you to not only see the entire world, to drink in all experiences with your eyes, but also allow others to do the same as well. There will come a time when you are no longer alive. Prior to your leaving this world make sure that you allow someone else to have sight. I am talking about making sure you donate your eyes to science. Your essence, your energy, will have already traveled to where it is meant to be dependant on your beliefs. Regardless of your religious upbringing understand the gift you can bestow upon someone after you are gone. Donate your eyes.

In that way you will be allowing someone to do exactly what will benefit you now, experiencing the world around you. Before that fateful time benefit from the gift you have been given, see the world, experience the world.

Your eyes are not simply for staring blankly into a computer screen. They are for connecting. They are to be used to help you understand love and beauty in another manner, in physical form. Don’t let the ability to understand the Universe escape you.


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