949: Jason Lee: "I Don't Want to Meditate"


Any listener of ZEN commuter knows Jason Lee.  He has been on the show two times before.  In those episodes he talked about how he took a very painful, traumatic event in his life, and turned it into something amazing.  As a young man he was sexually assaulted by a trusted scout leader and member of the church.  But instead of letting that event cast him as a victim for the rest of his life, he instead chose a different path.  He chose to garner every ounce of courage he possessed to not only bring his perpetrator to justice, but to make sure that other men who have been assaulted as well, find peace.

As impressive as his history is, today I have asked him on the show to talk about why he doesn't meditate.  As you will learn in this episode, men and women who have been traumatized can benefit from meditation, however, their instruction needs to be performed in a way that respects the nature of their past.  Come listen to a very powerful of ZEN commuter.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why mindfulness is a better alternative for trauma survivors
  • How meditation must be taught to victims of assault
  • The risks of meditating for trauma victims

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