942: 8 Ways To Create a Consistent Meditation Habit

Photo by  Jon Tyson  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

I have talked about the benefits of meditation on several episodes, but what I haven't talked about is how to avail yourself to those benefits.  Specifically, I have never talked about how frequently you need to meditate to reap the rewards, until now.  The answer is quite easy; you need to develop a consistent practice.  That means meditating in some form, every day.  However, one of the biggest challenges for many meditators, beginning and advanced, is creating that consistency.  There will be days when you may not want to meditate, when motivation is low.  Today I talk about how to work around low motivation and create a consistent meditation practice.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • Why to reflect on your practice after each session
  • Why meditation is needed daily for benefits
  • 8 ways to create consistency with your practice

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