913: How to Enter the Flow State Anytime, 4 Easy Steps with Melli O'brien


The "Flow State" is a sought after state of mind when you are so fully engrossed in a task that you lose all sense of time.  However, it is not a task that is meaningless.  Usually it is a piece of work that captivates you; is your passion.  As you might expect, many people have likened it to mindfulness.  Today, with the help of Mrs. Mindfulness, Melli O'brien, we are going to learn how to get into that elusive mindset easily.

Links from the Episode:

How to Enter the Flow State, Anytime: 4 Easy Steps by Melli O'brien

What you will learn in this episode:

  • A definition and example of the Flow State
  • 4 Steps for achieving the state
  • How mindfulness and Flow are related


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