809: Why You Don't Say "NO" and How to Start

Last week I sent out an email talking about the need to start saying "NO" more.  If you missed it then you'll want to join the ZENcommuter Daily Inspiration Email List.  I talked about how many times we find ourselves in a life we didn't choose because we simply agreed with what other people wanted for us. We didn't say no to choices that went against what we believed in.  A listener wrote me to say that she has challenges with saying no, so I assumed she was not alone. On today's episode I will talk about why people become people pleasers and how to stop

What you will learn in this episode

  • The two main reasons people are people pleasers
  • How being a people pleaser injures your health
  • 5 Ways to stop People Pleasing

Links from this episode:

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Are You a People Pleaser

5 Tip to Help You Stop Being a People Pleaser


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