741: Write a Letter to Your Future Self in Order to Grow

I love epiphanies, and today I had a great one for all of us. I picked up a journal of mine and read what I had written some twenty years back.  Boy was it an eye opener.  I realized that some of the things I was stressing about never came to pass.  On a more positive note, I learned that who I was as a person back then was just as awesome as the person reading the journal today.  Not only was I kind and positive then, I am exponentially more giving and loving today.

Journals are a great way to time travel, and so is writing a letter to your future self.  it contains some of the ingredients of a journal entry and a bit more.

Today I read two articles: one about the benefits of writing such a letter, and the other how exactly to do it.

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • 5 Reason to writ a letter to yourself
  • The steps to take for writing a letter to your future self
  • Why it's important to write at least five years in the future

Links from this episode:

5 Reasons to Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Write a Letter to Your Future Self


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