740: 6 Ways to Curb Your Excessive Screen Time

The verdict is in; our lives are better because of cell phones. However, that verdict needs to be determined individually.  As a tool, the smartphone, tablet or computer is a great thing. But excessive use doesn't make anyone's life better or easier

In kids especially, excessive use of devices actually changes the structure of the brain, and not in good ways.  

Today I talk about the damage excessive use causes and ways that all of us can curb our device addiction.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Five ways that device use is damaging your child's brain
  • 5 Ways device usage alters the structure of the brain in children
  • Effective ways to limit screen time for everyone

Links From the Episode:

A New App Called Moment

Kevin Holesh talks about FOCUS

Kevin Holesh talks about MOMENT

Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain


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