737: How to Spot Your Boredom with Life and What to Do About It.

Before the internet (try and remember) we didn't have access to everyone's life.  We didn't know what they were doing unless they actually told us or wrote a postcard or letter.  I know, I sound ancient.  LOL.  

Now though, we are bombarded with information about everyone, not just our family and friends. You can go online and see so many people doing amazing things, exciting things.  

We compare ourselves to those people and think our lives are boring.  Here's the thing; you are the only one to determine if your life is lacking in excitement.  Don't compare yourself to anyone. With that said, today I want to help you understand if your life needs a pick me up...BASED ON YOUR THOUGHTS.

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What you will learn in this episode:

  • 6 Questions to ask yourself about your life's satisfaction
  • 4 steps to take when you are feeling life is boring
  • How to learn if you are living your life or someone 

Links From the Episode:

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