718: How to be Happier and Calmer by Releasing Expectations

I'll never forget the first time my Mom told me about releasing expectation.  I was hoping for something to happen at school, elementary school, in case you are wondering.  I remember the talk but not the thing I was hoping for.  I sat in amazement when she simply said, "don't attach expectation to it".  What?  Whatever it was, I wanted it to happen.  There was no doubt.

I couldn't understand what this crazy woman was saying.  Don't expect it, was the worst advice ever.  Maybe it was the worst for a 12 year old kid, but it certainly is the best advice for a 53 year old man, or anyone for that matter.

Today I will discuss the very concept my mom was trying to teach me back in the day.  To her credit, I have learned it now and pass it on to you in hopes it will serve you too.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The nature of expectation
    • How releasing expectation is a sign of egolessness
  • What expectation says about the openness of your mind
  • 6 Tips for helping you release expectation

Helpful links from this episode:

5 Ways to Release Your Expectations by Psychology Today


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