717: John Vespasian: Contemporary Lessons from Ancient Greece

2017 seems daunting for a great many people.  There are those who see the world as chaotic and turbulent.  On a grand scale it seems there are challenges to overcome, and on a personal level there are the same, if not more challenges.  How do you face adversity.  How do you thrive in difficult times.  John Vespasian knows how, and he learned it from a source that many would not expect.  John has spent many years researching ancient greek culture to answer that very question: how do we thrive in difficult times.

Ancient greeks didn't have a tenth of the advances we have today, and yet they thrived.  Today I am very pleased to welcome back to the show, John Vespasian, as he discusses his latest book, aptly titled, Thriving in Difficult Times.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • "Why harsh, rigid solutions are unwise"
  • The importance of self-sufficiency as told by Diogenes

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Thriving in Difficult Times: 12 Lessons from Ancient Greece to Improve your Life today


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