715: A Guide for Preparing for Optimal Success in the New Week

I have told you time and again that I am a very organized guy.  I like structure.  Call me a control freak but I like having a plan.  Each Sunday I start off the week getting everything ready for the upcoming week.  This means meals for the week, exercise plans as well as work. It is a plan that has benefitted me for years and today I want to share it with you.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How to prepare weekly meals in under 2 Hours
  • How to create the ultimate schedule for the week
  • How to create a shopping list
  • Planning your week for exercising

Helpful links from this episode:

4 Tips for Planning Your Week by Makeuseofit.com

Sample of a daily schedule for your use


eMeals - Save time and money by having your weekly meals planned out for you.  ZEN commuter listeners get to try it out for two weeks free.

The Great Courses - Learn at home from cooking healthy meals to chemistry.  The Great Courses has a variety of subjects available to stream or on DVD's.  See their extensive list of topics that are 70% off.


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