705: 3 Challenges for Extroverts

It seems only fair that I discuss extroverts today with the same level of depth that I did yesterday with introverts.  Some introverts may disagree, saying that extroversion is lauded in our society and those who are introverts are marginalized and even represented as weak or lacking.

Obviously as we know from yesterday, that is not even close to the case.  Both personality traits have value.  And to our point for both days, the more we understand who we are and how we interact with the world the more able we are to create our life as opposed to having it created for us.

Today I will share an article by Kendra Cherry, the same blogger who taught us about introversion.  Like yesterday, I will share three challenges for you to try.

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • Characteristics of extroverts
  • The outdated definition of extrovert
  • 3 Challenges to have you rethinking your level of extroversion

Links from this episode:

5 Traits of Extroverts by Kendra Cherry


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