641: The Truth About Carbs...Finally!

I am not sure when it happened but between Paleo enthusiasts and Doctor Atkins carbohydrates got the worst rap ever.  Even though I have flirted with the idea of following a Paleo diet, I couldn't get my head around it.  No disrespect intended for those who do, but it just seems to me that we need all types of macronutrients.

Of course if you cut out carbs you are going to lose weight, because you are cutting down on calories for the most part.  But soon your energy levels will drop and your thinking will become hazy.  Carbs are energy.  Just like anything though you need moderation.  That is the hugest reason why Americans have trouble staying lean.  They eat too much. They lack moderation.

Of course I know it isn't that simple but certainly moderating your intake for the amount of activity you do will have profound results.

Today I want to finally clear the air about carbs.  I researched and found a great article that explains it best.

Links in the Episode:

The Real Truth about Carbs


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