563: Serotonin: Your Key to Happiness

There are several neurotransmitters that are responsible for your mood, but Serotonin is the one to study today.  The other two, Oxytocin and Dopamine are the others.  However, the other two have a somewhat iffy reputation.  Dopamine is the high you get from certain addictive behaviors and Oxitocin has a stronger meaning for women than men, with the chemical allowing for mothers to bond better with their newborns.

So today I'll talk about the saintlier of the neurotransmitters, Serotonin

In this Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What Serotonin is

  • The Function of Serotonin

  • The link between Serotonin and Tryptophan

  • Natural ways to increase seratonin

  • The biology of Serotonin

Episode Resources

5 Ways to Increase Serotonin naturally

Tryptophan and Serotonin

How to Increase Serotonin Levels


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