408: 5 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Your Body, Mind and Spirit

There are times I speak of technology in less than glowing terms.  The truth is, I love technology.  A firmer truth is that I love balance.  Today I talk about five different ways that technology can be used to enhance your life.

As is the case I talk about it ways that created unity of body, mind and spirit.

Resources from the Episode

Focus@will - Online streaming music service to improve focus

Lumosity - Brain training to keep your mind sharp

Mapmywalk - Fitness App for tracking calories, miles and route for your daily walks

Stitcher - App for listening to all the greatest podcasts (like ZEN commuter)

Sleep Cycle - Alarm clock app for waking you up in accordance with your sleep cycles


Watsi - Crowd funding medical treatment for those in need

Donorschoose - Crowd funding for schools in need of supplies

Salted TV - The video cooking school that teaches a variety of skills from beginner to basic, all taught by acclaimed chefs from around the country.


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