299: 5 Wastes of Time and How to Make Them Productive

" Short as life is, we make it still shorter by the careless waste of time."

 - Victor Hugo

I have talked about how each of us has the exact some number of hours in the day and the people that don't seem to have enough may be wasting time in ways they didn't realize add up.  You have plenty of time to become better, to grow.  All you you need to do is stop pi**ing away your days on useless actions.

Every action we make is either positive or negative; it either moves us forward in our lives to accomplishing our goals or pushes us further back, stagnating.

Today I want to talk about the 5 top time wasters and what you can do to make them productive. I am going to talk about the best thing you can do in those times you are wasting moments with each action and what the second best plan of attack is.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Productive Ways to watch TV
  • Three reasons you go on social media
  • 30 resources to learn online for free

Links mentioned in the episode

Moment - The app that tells you how much time you are spending on your phone each day. (iPhone)

8 Websites for Free Online Learning 

25 Killer Sites for Free Online Education



Lynda.com - Over 100,000 professionally produced instructional videos to teach you.  Sign up for a 10 Day Free Trial today

Real Life Calm - The upcoming 14 day Meditation course designed to solve real world challenges 

Questions of the Day

How do you waste time during the day and why?

Action of the Day

Track how much time you spend on your phone.


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