140: Self-Belief Week, Day Five - Comparing Yourself to Others


This has been a full week of helping you understand that you are capable and confident.  There truly is nothing you can''t do when you put your mind to it.  Any wise man or woman knows that the quickest way to derail that confidence is to compare yourself to someone else.  If you haven't learned that lesson yet then this episode is for you!

I generally find that comparison is the fast track to unhappiness. No one ever compares themselves to someone else and comes out even. Nine times out of ten, we compare ourselves to people who are somehow better than us and end up feeling more inadequate
— Jack Canfield

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Update on Zen Survey
  • The Lesson behind a possible Kickstarter Campaign
  • The Date of the first ZEN commuter webinar
  • The ZEN commuter book club
  • How comparing yourself to others will not increase your self-confidence
  • Why you compare yourself to others


ZEN Commuter Survey

Kickstarter campaign

Journal Question

Who was the last person you compared yourself to and what was the outcome?

Action of the Day

  • Strike up a one minute conversation with a total stranger
  • Record the results



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