132: Five Ways to Curb Your Television Watching


There is a use for television in the smallest of doses.  It can inform, elevate or help you grow.  Unfortunately the majority of television is geared towards mindless viewing aimed at selling products.  Laugh track soaked situation comedies offer very little in a way of helping you become better.  True, that may not be the goal, but even in their wildly unrealistic portrayals of their characters there are so many messages that subtly tell you that your life is lacking.

Inspiration Quote

"All television is educational. The question is, what does it teach?" - Anonymous


Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Update on the Kickstarter Campaign
  • The drawbacks of watching television
  • The positives from watching television
  • 5 Strategies for curbing your television watching


Journal Question

What is the longest amount of time you have sat in front of the television? Why?



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