131: Two Ways to Channel for Insight and Wisdom


Sources of wisdom exist all around you.  Yet as abundant as this knowledge is many people do not avail themselves to it.  Why?  Mostly because they don't know it exists, but more so because they lack the ability to trust the process of requesting it.

Throughout history many men and women have been guided to new thinking or wonderfully just a happy, meaningful life by different guides.  Most profess that God has told them things, led them to a beneficial way of thinking.  However, there is more than one source of truth and wisdom.  The process of channeling allows anyone to access energies or guides to help them in their daily lives.

Inspiration Quote

"Don't judge the source of the message; feel if it resonates truthfully with who you are"

- Thom Walters


Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Update on the Kickstarter Campaign
  • How I channeled Bartholomew for the first time
  • The difference between the two types of channeling
  • How the process of Channeling works


Journal Question

If you heard voices that told you to be kind to yourself and others, would you fear for your sanity or simply trust the message?



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