1037: Danny O'Connor: Meditation Ambassador and Professional Boxer (R)

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Some things seem to go together and some things seem like they couldn't be more opposite.  You might think that is the case with meditation and professional boxing.  But as I learned recently, nothing is further from the truth.  In fact, my interview today with Danny O'Connor is proof positive that nothing is beyond the scope of mindfulness.

Danny O'Connor is an accomplished professional boxer, trainer, and youth mentor. Danny has met a multitude of athletic achievements which include being a 2008 Olympic Team Member, 2007 & 2008 USA National Team Member, 2008 USA National Champion, 2008 National Golden Gloves Champion, and a 3 Time Local New England Golden Gloves Champion. He has been voted most outstanding boxer within tournaments, taken home the New England Welterweight Championship Belt, and has competed against England, Ireland, Russia, and the Dominican Republic.

With all these accolades it's hard to think of anything more impressive.  However, Danny also is an accomplished meditator, speaker and philanthropist.  His work mentoring teens is what brought him to my attention, especially when I discovered he uses meditation to help kids become better equipped in the world.  I am proud and excited to share my interview with Danny O'Connor.

**Please be advised that this episode may not be suitable for all ages as it contains some profanity**

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