533: You are More Powerful Than You Think

Hey my friend, thank you for coming back to Five Minute Mojo.  I am going to do my best to help you get home in a relaxed way, and the cool thing is, working together, you are going to understand yourself better when you get there.  That is the 5 Minute Mojo way, relaxed and wiser, more introspective.

Today I am going to talk about the last time you got fired from a job.  Don’t you worry; it’s not as ominous as you may think.

I’ll start with a concept that will blow your mind.  Some of you may even think I have lost it altogether.  But hear me out and you might just possibly have a new way of looking at things.

The last time you were fired from a job had nothing to do with your performance.  It was actually all of your own creation.  You got you fired.  I’m not talking about something as simple or mundane as getting the shoe because of tardiness, performance or layoffs.  I am talking about something much deeper.

Let me tell you a story that will make it clearer.  Many of you know this story already, but for new listeners, here goes.  When I left Fidelity Investments to write Discovering Joy, I became a certified personal trainer to help bring in money while I wrote.  I got a job at a local gym and quickly rose up the ranks, becoming the fitness director at the club.  After 5 years of stellar performance, with many satisfied and transformed clients, I decided to change career paths and go back into finance.  I stayed at the gym and became the person who processed the payroll and a variety of other business analyst type jobs.  I didn’t have any mistakes, or personnel issues.  I was an asset to the club.

A year in, they decide to hire a controller to oversee all the aspects of the back office.  She and I got along well.  However, after a few months, she calls me into her office to say that she didn’t think I was the right fit for the position, despite doing it successfully for the past year.  Before long, she had hired a friend of hers to take over my position and I was allowed to go back to personal training.  However, at this time, there was already a fitness director and I was back at the bottom of the ranks.  I didn’t mind though.  I enjoyed helping people become healthier.  In no time, I was back up to a full client load, with all my clients happily enjoying working with me.

Then, one day, I had mistakenly double booked an hour, meaning I had scheduled two clients for the same hour.  They both showed up and were there waiting to be trained.  They both knew each other so it wasn’t awkward at all.  I apologized for the oversight and asked if one of them would mind rescheduling. Because of my oversight, I said that I would give them an additional session for free for being so understanding.  One of them, happily agreed, and I went on to train the other.

A few days later, the fitness director calls me into his office to say that he heard that I had double booked an hour.  I told him that I had mistakenly done that and explained how I handled the situation and that both clients were fully satisfied.  He went on to say that regardless of the situation, and the feelings of the clients, he was going to need to let me go.

I was stupefied. After 7 years of working for the company, this was how it was to end.  I was furious and left, and for the next three days seethed with anger.  On the third day, I meditated, upon quieting my mind was met with a revelation from a guide I speak with in my meditations.

I won’t detail the entire conversation, but the gist of it was that I was not fired for a reason that was linked to performance to regulations.  I was the person responsible for leaving the company, not consciously, but subconsciously. Actually, it was beyond subconscious, it was of my soul’s doing.

He went on to say that there is something more that I am meant to do, something that is the very reason I am here on the planet.  He detailed how things that are seemingly out of our control only seem that way from a conscious, human perspective.  The reality is that we have something to teach and or experience in this human form.  This experience isn’t fated per se, but it does have a resonance, an energy about it that exists in our being.  This energy will gravitate to similar energies that allow us to experience what our souls have brought us here to learn.  Conversely, this energy will push us away from other energies or experiences, that don’t resonate with our soul’s purpose.  Such was the case with being let go from the gym.  I had learned and taught all I was supposed to at that position, and now my energy was conflicting with that of the my current position and the actual place.  My soul decided it was time to go; i decided it was time to go.I didn’t do anything overtly to get me fired outright, but the mere change of my energy prompted that discord with the energy of the time, place and people of the gym.  Accordingly, it manifested in my departure.

It made sense, and now, years later it is abundantly clear that I was not meant to go on there.  Years later despite the ups and downs, the abundance and scarcity, I am fully aware what I bring to this world and why I am here.  Were it not for that seemingly random dismissal, I might not have arrived at this point.  Well, I would have, but perhaps with much more anguish.  You see, our human self clings to feelings of righteousness and in doing so, prolongs the discovery of what our souls wish to experience. When we fight to stay at a job, or in a relationship, or at a place, despite the awareness that it is time to go, we delay our growth and happiness, and ultimately our soul’s purpose.  However, it will be experienced.  But that may have you incorporating yourself into many physical forms to arrive at that awakening.  It’s much better to take the time to listen and go where you are meant to go, to do what you are meant to do,and be with the people you are meant to be with.

So the next time you are at a crossroads, when something happens that is beyond your comprehension, take a moment and quiet yourself.  Be still and ask where you are meant to be and what you are supposed to do.  You might not get a firm answer as to how to proceed.  But you will feel a calmness in your soul.  You will be at peace in knowing that you are on your way to experiencing the fullness of life.

Typically at this point in the show I ask you the questions of the day.  So here they are.

Questions of the Day:

  • When was the last time you were fired from a job?  Is it possible that you were responsible for that happening?
  • If you have not been fired from a job, what is the last accident you had, and what did that accident lead you to discover?



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